Academic Institute Partners

Our Esteemed Academic Institute partners are

The Student Scoop

The Student Scoop set off on its journey in 2017 with the goal of providing every student in India with access to the highest calibre of foreign education. After a promising start in its first year, they now train hundred plus students in Physics and other disciplines for the IBDP, MYP and IGCSE Curriculum. The characteristics of teaching and learning are being redefined in a world that is changing quickly, one that is fuelled by scientific and technical advancements and brand-new difficulties and uncertainties. The Student Scoop, continuously incorporate the distinctive elements of the future, fostering 21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. This is all done in accordance with their founding philosophy of giving students happy and rewarding learning experiences in physics academically and practically. Their teaching philosophy places a strong emphasis on inspiring kids to discover new areas of knowledge in Physics.

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7on7 academy –


7on7 is a team of professionals from Industry who have a career span of over 15 years with Industry continuously interacting with academics so that they understand the gap of education and the challenges one may face when one starts his career after finishing his/her education. This led them to design a comprehensive program which aims to train the teens for all possible academic skills which they may need while starting their job career at university and beyond. 7on7 have designed a STEM-based program focusing on the IB ensuring all the aspects of education can be taken care of. They are complementary to school and bridge the gap between current education and the future.

7on7 encourages children as early as 5th grade to adopt a disciplined study pattern and cultivate their critical thinking and analytical abilities. They have been effectively providing guidance to talented students for the past two decades.

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